Saturday, July 18, 2009

Keynote address for the day

First again a PR from SaltMarch :) .

The topic will be Plug-in to rapid development on Weblogic with Eclipse by Dhiraj Bandari

Dhiraj Bandari is as sales consultant from Oracle, moved on from BEA with the acquisition.

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE) is a plugin that is really useful when we used weblogic application server integration. Provides the following features

--> Weblogic server (start,stop)
--> web services
--> spring
--. JSF + facelets
--> DB tools
--> ORM workbench

ORM workbench

--> creates the entity classes and helps to run all db functionalities
--> supports eclipselink,kodo,openjpa
--> has database schema broswer similar to TOAD

--> provides spring support

Tools for JAX-WS web services
--> New facets for weblogic web service development

Weblogic Server Tools
--> Run/deploy/debug locally or remotely
--> FastSwap ,shared libraries,Deployment plans
--> Migration support

Weblogic deployment descriptor editors

Oracle's strategy is to stop development on weblogic workshop. They will develop & enhance only JDeveloper and Enterprise pack for eclipse.

FastSwap Feature -- for iterative development

Traditional JEE Development cycle is Edit --> Build --> Deploy --> Test

Using Modern IDES it becomes Edit --> Deploy --> Test

FastSwap's goal is to eliminate the Deploy step Edit --> Test

FastSwap detects changes to class files,redfined changed classes,Non invasive and development mode only

Demo on FastSwap operation

How to enable fast swap feature --> go to weblogic application deployment descriptor and ebale fast swap. Then instant chagnes to ejb classes,web classes can be seen.

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