Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Session 5 : JQuery at work

Tom Marrs is giving a session on JQuery at work.

How to get started with JQuery :

JQuery/Javascript Basics --> AJAX --> JQUERY UI --> Jquery Plugins

3 layers of web --> Behaviour (Javascript), Presentation (CSS), Content (HTML) : WebDesign for developers.

Some Caveats :
1) Javascript should be unobtrusive
2) Prefer External Styles
3) Just enough CSS --> Tag , Class & ID selectors, Descendent/combination selectors

Demos on javascript with Java and Javascript.

How to iterate, How to navigate the dom, utility methods.

Ajax : $.ajax

JSON : Lightweight $.getJSON

JQuery Widgets : DatePicker, Accordion, Tabs, Dialog Box, Auto complete,Tool tip, JGrowl

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