Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Session 4 : HOw to create a beautiful web

Harish Vaidyanathan from MIcrosoft is giving a quick session on HTML 5, IE 9.

Demo on Native HTML 5

Installing websites as applications. If you have IE 9 installed, you can PIN applications.

Graphical capabilities in IE 9

Browser scales across multiple cores.

All of graphics is offloaded to GPU. Leverage native capabilities in IE. the aquarium demo rocked in IE9 whereas it sucked in chrome.

There is also another fishbowl demo where IE9 wins hands down against Chrome.

IE 9 Patterns

Microsoft is also annoucing an early look at Internet Explorer 10 (IE 10). It moves the web forward by being 100% compatible with Html 5. and supports css gradients, multi column Layout , ECMA script 5 . : Microsoft website to initiate people to move away from IE 6. If people come to your website from IE6, send a message to them buy copying the piece of code.

Good to know that Microsoft too is joining the HTML5 bandawagon.

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