Monday, October 3, 2005

Strange error in Forms 10g

Recently when i was working on a project, we were passing a parameter of the form (xxx,xxxx,xx) to the report . When the destype was preview , the parameters got passed flawlessly. However, when it was changed to printer to allow direct printing, the report got the parameter as xxx. It skipped anything after the first comma. Forms version was

When the same thing was executed in 10g patch 1, it worked fine. Looks like this bug was fixed in that version.

Since we couldn't apply the patch for now, we did a workaround. Since all the comma seperated variables that we were passing were numbers, we encoded ',' to 'a' and passed it as (xxxaxxxxaxx) . In the report we decoded the 'a' back into ','. Voila!! It works like a charm now.

Hope to keep posting continuously in future.

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Gords said...

Nice creativity with using an a instead of a comma. Whatever works huh? Too bad you have to wait for a patch to get that bug fixed.